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I work on-line and in-person, helping people with all kinds of technology challenges—training, troubleshooting, planning, recommendations, and more—from simple to advanced. My specialty is production: print, product, web, audio, video, etc. It’s amazing what we can accomplish with a even a short web session these days.

Let’s Work!

I’m in the process of standing-up a recording studio aimed at supporting bands generating content. We livestream live music at and youtube (and others!). I hope to announce a regular schedule of live music soon.

Secret Station music

Secret Station music

For fun, I play bass in one of the longest-running rock bands in Madison, WI, the MAMA’s awards-winning: El Donk. Since the pandemic, our public gigs are mostly livestreaming from our studios. But we still show up in public here and there.

El Donk

El Donk

I’m a non-toxic gamer, and I especially enjoy playing with fun people. Tabletop and video gaming in particular.

Let’s Play!

Lastly, if you’ve read all this and thought “gee… he seems interesting, I wonder if he’s single?” Well…

Let’s Date!

Chris Ash @ secret station studios,
Image cap by Bones. June 2023.

Chris Ash @ secret station studios, Image cap by Bones. June 2023.

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[email protected] discord: cheesefinger insta: chrisash fb: chrisash threads: @chrisash

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